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Sambal Kangkong/Water Spinach

A popular vegetable chilli dish, well known in Singapore Chinese resturants.


Serves (4 to 5)


As necessary                   Cooking Oil


Ingredients (A)

30 grams                          Dried Prawn


Ingredients (B)             

500 grams                        Water Spinach (Kangkong)

1 tablespoon                     Cooking Oil

As necessary                    Salt


Ingredients (C)

3 to 5 tablespoons           Sambal Chilli


Ingredients (D)

2 pieces                            Red Chiili (sliced)

2 teaspoons                      Tomato Sauce

1 teaspoon                   Chicken Powder                                        

1 teaspoon                   Sugar                  

As necessary                    Salt or Fish Sauce


Ingredients (E)

As necessary                   Corn Flour (mix in water)



1. Wash and pound the Ingredients (A), and leave it aside.                  

2. Blanch the Ingredients (B), drain it and leave it aside.

3. Heat the oil in a cooking wok.

4. Add in the Ingredients (A), fry it till fragrant.

5. Then add in Ingredients (C), & fry it till fragrant and oily.

6. Add in the Ingredients (B & D), and simmer it well.

7. To make it thick, add in Ingredients (E), if necessary.



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Sambal Kangkong/Water Spinach.