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Thank You Very Much For Your Comments. These Comments Really Help Me In Building Up My Website Further.
From: Lee Wai Ho
Comments: I am from Shatec. After browsing your own recipe web site, I found it is very useful. It shows the details clearly. I learnt quite a lot from there. Thanks a lot for your teaching.
From: Hafidz
Comments: I impress my girlfriend's mom with the Indian Cuisine that u had taught me at Shatec. Do you know what she said after she after dinner? "When are you proposing my daughter?"
From: Rimish
Comments: The website is very good.
From: Koh Ai Ling
I'm really very proud of you.  So good in your web. I find that your recipes are very clear. I always envy people who can cook well. It is very nice of you to share your recipes with others. I really loved your Indian food.
From: Tin Myo Zaw
Comments: It's the best.
From: Anita Roger
Comments: The recipes were very practical.
From: Pamela Roshan
Comments: A very creative way of presenting your passion.
From: Emily Chow
Comments: I am seafood lover, and all your seafood dishes are wonderful.
From: Danial
Comments: It is an eye-pleasing and easy to function website.

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