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Sambal Chilli

A very common ingredients, essential for spicy taste.


Serves (4 to 5)

As necessary


Ingredients (A)

80 grams


Ingredients (B)

25 grams 

10 grams

6 pieces



Ingredients (C)

1 sprig

Cooking Oil



Dry Chilli




Blue Ginger (galangal)


Shrimp Paste



Pandan Leaves / Screw Pine Leaves



1. Cut the Ingredients (A), into pieces and remove the seeds and cook it till soft and wash it under running water, then strain it.

2. Then add Ingredients (A & B) into a blender, then add in little water, and blend it till smooth paste.

3. Heat the oil in a cooking wok and add in the blended paste Ingredients (A & B) with Ingredients (C).     

4. Then reduce the flame, and keep stirring it well,  till fragrant and oily.


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Sambal Chilli.