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Vegetable with Beancurd

A mild vegetable dish with beancurd, which is high in protein. And popular in Indonesia.


Serves (4 to 5)


As necessary                   Cooking Oil


Ingredients (A)

30 grams                          Dried Prawn


Ingredients (B)

20 grams                          Shallot

1 piece                             Red Chilli

15 grams                         Blue Ginger

10 grams                         Yellow Ginger

2 pieces                           Garlic



Ingredients (C)

2 pieces                            Bay Leaves

1 sprig                              Turmeric Leaves

2 pieces                            Pandan/ Screw Pine Leaves

2 pieces                            Lemon Grass


Ingredients (D)

2 cups                              Coconut Milk

1 teaspoon                       Chicken Powder

2 teaspoons                     Sugar

As necessary                   Salt

As necessary                   Water


Ingredients (E)

40 grams                          1st Carrot

40 grams                          2nd Long Beans

30 grams                          3rd Brinjal

30 grams                          4th Cabbage


Ingredients (F)

2 pieces                            Beancurd

tin                                 Evaporated Milk



1. Wash and pound the Ingredients (A), and leave it aside.   

2. Blend the Ingredients (B), with litter water till smooth and leaves it aside.

3. Wash and cut the Ingredients (E); drain it and leave it aside.    

4. Cut the Ingredient (F), into 4 pieces and fry it till golden brown and leave it aside.

5. Heat the oil in a cooking pot.

6. Add in the Ingredients (A) & fry it till fragrant.

7. Then add in the Ingredients (B & C); then reduce the flame and fry it till oily.

8. Add in the Ingredients (D) and simmer it well. Add in water, if wished. Increase the flame.

9. Add in the Ingredients (E), in order as shown.

10. Start with Carrot, after 3 minutes add Long Beans and Brinjal, then after 2 minutes add the last vegetable.

11. After adding the vegetables immediately add in the Ingredient (F), and simmer it well.

12. Add in salt if its necessary.



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Vegetable With Beancurd.