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Vegetable Beancurd Curry with Quail Egg

A curry containing variety of vegetables and beancurd with the special addition of quail eggs for egg lovers.


Serves (4 to 5)



As necessary


Ingredients (A)

30 pieces


Ingredients (B)

2 pieces

As necessary


Ingredients (C)





Ingredients (D)

2 sprigs

1 piece

60 grams

80 grams

1 tablespoon


Ingredients (E)

8 tablespoons

2 sprigs

1 cup 

1 teaspoon


Ingredients (F)

40 gram

40 grams

20 grams

20 grams


Ingredients (G)

30 grams

As necessary

1 teaspoon

As necessary

As necessary







Quail Egg



Tofu (bean curd) cut into 8 pieces




Mustard Seed

Fennel Seed 

Fenugreek Seed



Curry Leaves

Green Chilli (sliced)

Shallot (sliced)

Tomatoes (chopped)

Garlic (paste)



Fish Curry Powder 

Pandan/ Screw Pine Leaves

Water (mix with the powders above)

Chicken Powder 



1st Potatoes (cut into 8 pieces)

2nd Carrot

2nd Brinjal

2nd Long Bean



Tamarind Paste

Coconut Milk or Evaporation Milk


Water (according to preferred thickness)




1. Boil the Ingredients (A) and remove the shell and leave it aside.

2. Soak the tamarind from Ingredients (G) in 1 cup of water and take out the seeds and leave it aside.

3. Cut and fry the Ingredients (B) till golden brown and strain it and leave it aside.

4. Heat some of the oil used above in a cooking pot.

5. Then add in Ingredients (C) after few seconds then add in the Ingredients (D) and fry it till golden brown.

6. Add in the Ingredients (E) and then reduce the flame and fry it till fragrant and oily.

7. Once the masala is done.

8. Increase the flame if its necessary. Add in water if its necessary. Then add in the Ingredients (F) in order as shown.

9. Start with Potatoes, after 8 minutes add Carrot and Brinjal, and cook it till 90% cooked.

10. Then add in the Ingredients (G) and simmer it well till the potatoes are soft.

11. Once it is done, finish it off with Ingredients (A & B) and simmer it well.

12. Add in salt if its necessary.


* Fish curry powder is a mixture of spices only. It is called fish curry powder because it is mostly used in fish and seafood dishes. But it contains no trace of seafood.


* If preferred add in extra tamarind juice, according to your own preference.


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Vegetable Beancurd Curry with Quail Egg.