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Indian Scramble Egg

Those who crave for egg dishes will find this variety mixed egg dish delicious.


Serves (4 to 5)


As necessary


Ingredients (A)

50 grams        


Ingredients (B)

150 grams


Ingredients (C)

5 big

200 grams

120 grams

3 pieces

1 sprig

1 teaspoon

As necessary


Ingredients (D)




1 teaspoon




Cooking Oil



Dried Anchovies (Ikan Billis)



Prawn (medium)



Eggs (beaten)

Onion (finely diced)

Tomatoes (finely diced)

Green Chilli (sliced)

Curry Leaves (finely sliced)

Monosodium Glutamate




Fennel Powder

Turmeric Powder

Cumin Powder

Chilli Powder



1. Ingredients (A) peeled and slice it into 2 pieces and soak it with salt for few seconds, and wash it to remove the salt and drain it and leave it aside.    

2. Take a bowl and add in all the Ingredients (C) and beat it well and leave it aside.      

3. Heat a little oil in a wok and fry the Ingredients (A) till crisp and drain on an absorbent paper and leave it aside.

4. Use the same oil in the wok and fry Ingredients (B) till cooked, then drain it and leave it aside.

5. Then wash the wok, and add in necessary oil and heat it well.

6. And add in the Ingredients (A, B,  & C) and stir it continuously at least for 10 minutes until it becomes very dry and fine.

7. Then add in the Ingredients (D) and stir it for another 1 to 2 minutes.           

8. Check the salt content; add in if it is necessary.



* Do not add in excess salt or oil, because when it is done it will be salty and oily.



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Indian Scramble Egg