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Dried Fish Curry with Bean Curd

Indians would have added their food culture to the dried seafood. Especially this dried fish dish, hot and spiced with vegetables and Bean curd.


Serves (4 to 5)


As necessary


Ingredients (A)

2 pieces


Ingredients (B)



2 sprigs


Ingredients (C)

6 pieces

1 piece

50 grams


Ingredients (D)

8 tablespoons

1 cup

3 sprigs

As necessary


Ingredients (E)

60 grams     

40 grams

40 grams

30 grams


Ingredients (F)

200 grams

1 teaspoon

100 ml

As necessary


Ingredients (G) 

40 grams

2 pieces

4 sprigs



Cooking Oil



Bean Curd (cut into pieces)



Mustard Seed

Fenugreek Seed

Curry Leaves



Garlic (whole peel)

Green Chilli (sliced)

Onion (finely sliced)



Fish Curry Powder

Water (mix with the curry powder above)

Pandan/Screwpine Leaves




1st Potatoes (cut into 4)

2nd Carrot

2nd Brinjal

3rd Long Beans



Dried Fish (with or without bone)

Chicken Powder

Thick Coconut Milk

Water (according to preferred thickness)



Tamarind Paste

Tomatoes (cut into 4)

Spring Onion



1. Cut the Dried fish from Ingredients (F) into pieces (1 inch each), and then soak it in water for 20 minutes. Then wash it to remove the salt and fishy smell from the dried fish and strain it and leave it aside.

2. Fry the Ingredients (A), till golden brown and strain it and leave it aside.

3. Mix the tamarind paste from the Ingredient (G) with water and remove the seeds, then leave aside.

4. Heat some oil, which is used in step 2, in a cooking pot.

5. Add in the Ingredients (B) and fry it for few seconds, and then immediately add in the Ingredients (C), and fry it till light brown.

6. Then add in the Ingredients (D), then reduce the flame and fry it till fragrant and oily.

7. Once the masala is done. Add in water if it is necessary.

8. Then add in the Ingredients (E), in order as shown, increase the flame if its necessary,

9. Start with Potatoes, after 3 minutes add Carrot and Brinjal, then after 2 minutes add in the long beans, after adding all the vegetables immediately add in the Ingredients (F), and simmer it till the vegetables are cooked.

10. Then add in the Ingredients (G), and simmer it well.

11. Add in salt if it is necessary.


* If preferred, you can fry the vegetable and add it in with Ingredients (E).

* If preferred add in extra tamarind juice and coconut milk according to your own.

* If there is insufficient oil when cooking the masala, add in extra oil.



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Dried Fish Curry With Bean curd