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South Indian Vegetable Korma

A rich creamy dish which goes wonderfully with bread and other dishes.


Serves (4 to 5)


As necessary


Ingredients (A)

2 pieces

3 pieces

5 grams

50 grams

2 sprigs

2 sprigs


Ingredients (B)

6 pieces

4 pieces


Ingredients (C)

100 grams  

100 grams    

60 grams

40 grams      

80 grams


Ingredients (D)

2 tablespoons


Ingredients (E)

2 pieces

1 piece           

3 pieces

1 piece           


Ingredients (F)

5 tablespoons


As necessary

1 cup


Ingredients (G)

1 teaspoon

2 tablespoons

100 ml

As necessary



Cooking Oil



Green Chilli



Grated Coconut

Mints Leaves

Coriander Leaves



Cashew nuts

Almond (soak in water and peel it)



1st Potatoes

2nd Carrot     

2nd French Beans

3rd Cauliflower

3rd Sweet Beans






Curry Leaves



Star Anis



Korma Powder

Curry Powder


Water (mix with the powders above)




Plain Yoghurt

Thick Coconut Milk

Water (add according to preferred thickness)



1. Heat 2 tablespoons cooking oil in a cooking wok and add in the Ingredients (A), fry it till cooked and leave it aside to cool.

2. Then add Ingredients (A & B) into a blender, then add in little water, and blend it into a smooth paste.

3. Wash and cut the Ingredients (C), into cubes and leave it aside.   

4. Heat the Ingredients (D), in a cooking pot.

5. Once the ghee is hot, add in the Ingredients (E) and fry it for few seconds.

6.Then immediately add in Ingredients (F) and then reduce the flame and add in water if its necessary and fry it till fragrant and oily.Once the masala is done.

7. Add in the blended paste of Ingredients (A & B), and simmer it well. Add in water if its necessary.

8. Increase the flame if necessary, and then add in the Ingredients (C) as follows,

9. Start with Potatoes, after 2 minutes add Carrot and French bean, then after 2 minutes add in the rest of the vegetables and simmer it well.

10. Immediately add in the Ingredients (G), and add in water and salt if its necessary and simmer it till the vegetables are cooked.


* If preferred, you can add in more and other vegetables.

* Korma powder can be found in local Indian provision shops.



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South Indian Vegetable Korma.