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Vegetarian Sambal

A spicy bright red dish, with the thrue essence of chilli.


Serves (4 to 5)

As necessary


Ingredients (A)

2 pieces          

100 grams


Ingredients (B)  

60 grams     


Ingredients (C)

8 pieces

20 grams


Ingredients (D)      

120 grams      


Ingredients (E)

2 sprigs  

120 grams       

1 teaspoon     


Ingredients (F)      

25 grams                    

As necessary 


Ingredients (G)

50 ml


Ingredients (H)

2 pieces

Cooking Oil



Tofu (Bean curd) cut into 8 pieces

Dry Vegetarian Meat



Dry Chilli



Garlic (peeled)

Onion (sliced)



Onion  (sliced)



Pandan / Screw pine Leaves (tied)

Tomatoes (chopped)

Sugar or Monosodium Glutamate



Tamarind Paste




Coconut Milk



Tomatoes (cut into 4 pieces)



1. Soak the Vegetarian Meat in hot water for 10 minutes, and then strain it well and squeeze out off the water.

2.  Fry the bean curds, till light brown and strain it and leave it aside.

3. Then use the same oil and fry the Vegetarian Meat for 2 minute and strain it and leave it aside.

4. Cut the Ingredients (B), into pieces and remove the seeds and boil it till soft. And wash it under running water then strain it.

5. Then blend Ingredients (B) with Ingredients (C), till fine paste.

6. Take a frying pan and heat the oil and add in the Ingredients (D), and fry it till light brown.

7. Then add in the blended paste with Ingredient (E), and reduce the flame and stir continuously till fragrant and oily.

8.Then add in the Ingredients (F & G), and simmer it well.

9. If preferred add in extra tamarind juice, salt and coconut milk according to your own preference.

10. Finish it off, with Ingredients (A & H), stirring it well until it dry.


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Vegetarian Sambal.