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Moong Dhal

Dhal cooked with beautiful spices.


Serves (4 to 5)

150 grams

1 tablespoon

As necessary or

1500 ml


Ingredients (A)

120 grams

6 pieces

1 piece           

2 pieces

1 cube

1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon


Ingredients (B)



Ingredients (C)

50 grams


Ingredients (D)

1 tablespoon


A little


Ingredients (E)

As necessary

As necessary

2 pieces

As necessary

Split Green Grams (Moong Dhal)






Tomatoes (chopped)

Garlic (chopped)

Red Chilli (chopped)

Green Chilli (chopped)

Vegetable Stock or

Aromat Powder




Cumin Seed



Onion (chopped)



Fish Curry Powder

Turmeric Powder

Water (mix with the powder above)





Tomatoes (cut into 6)

Green Chilli (sliced)



1. Wash the dhal in running water and cook it with Ingredients (A) with the 1500 ml water, till it softens, and leave it aside.

2. Heat the Ghee in a cooking pot.

3. Add in the Ingredients (B), and fry it for a second then add in Ingredients (C), immediately and fry it till light brown.

4. Then add in Ingredient (D), and reduce the flame and fry it till fragrant and oily.

5. Add in the cooked Moong dhal into the masala and boil it well and add in water and salt if its necessary. It must look like porridge.

6. Finish it off, with Ingredients (E) and cover the pot and leave it for a minute or so.


* If in step 1, while the water is boiling, if there is too little water, add in more water, due to evaporation.

* Fish curry powder is a mixture of spices only. It is called fish curry powder because it is mostly used in fish and seafood dishes. But it contains no trace of seafood.


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Moong Dhall.