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Gobi Manchurian

Cauliflower deep fried and cooked with spices.


Serves (4 to 5)

As necessary


Ingredients (A)

100 grams

1 teaspoon

As necessary

1 teaspoon

As necessary


Ingredient (B)

300 grams


Ingredients (C)


1 teaspoon


Ingredients (D)

100 grams


 Ingredients (E)


2 teaspoons


As necessary


Ingredients (F)

1 teaspoon


Ingredients (G)

3 sprigs

1 piece

20 grams

2 teaspoons

Cooking Oil



Corn Flour

Pepper Powder






Cauliflower (break into pieces)



Ginger (paste)

Garlic (paste)



Onion (sliced)



Dark Soya Sauce (unsalted)

Chilli Sauce

Tomato Sauce




Corn Flour (mix in water)



Spring Onion

Green Chilli (sliced)

Red Capsicum (sliced)

Sesame Oil



1. Mix all the Ingredients (A), together in a bowl and make into a light batter.

2. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan.

3. Dip each cauliflower from Ingredient (B), into the batter and fry it till it cooks.

4. Then drain the oil and leave it aside.

5. Use little oil from the oil used above, then add in Ingredients (C), and fry it for a few seconds and immediately, add in the Ingredients (D), and fry it till fragrant. Lower down the flame if its necessary.

6. Then add in the Ingredients (E), and the fried cauliflower and stir it well.

7. Reduce the flame, then add in the Ingredients (F), and stir it continuously until it becomes dry.

8. Add in salt if its necessary.

9. Finish it off, with Ingredients (G), then stir it well.



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Gobi Manchurian.