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Chicken Vindaloo

A specialty from the paradise land of Goa. A sharp and hot curry made of chicken.


As necessary 

500 grams   


Ingredients (A)

1 tablespoon  

2 tablespoons                        

1 tablespoon


Ingredients (B)

1 piece

3 pieces         

3 pieces         

3 pieces         


Ingredients (C)

100 grams      


Ingredients (D)

3 tablespoons

1 tablespoon                          

If necessary 


Ingredients (E)




2 pieces


Ingredients (F)

1 tablespoon 

1 tablespoon  

If necessary 

As necessary


Ingredients (G)

100 grams      

Cooking Oil

Fresh Chicken (boneless)



Ginger (paste)

Garlic (paste)

Chicken Powder



Cinnamon Stick

Cardamom Seed


Bay Leaves



Shallot (sliced)



Meat Curry Powder

Chilli Powder




Fenugreek Seed

Cumin Seed       

Mustard Seed                                               

Dry Chilli (cut into 3 pieces)



Plain Yoghurt

Tomato Sauce








1. Cut the chicken into pieces, with or without skin according to your preference.

2. Marinate the chicken with Ingredients (A), and leave it aside for 10 minutes or so.

3. Roast the Ingredients (E), then cool it and then grind it till finely powdered.

4. Heat the oil in a cooking pot for deep-frying.

5. Add salt to Ingredients (G), and then deep fry them and then leave it aside.

6. Take another cooking pot and add in a little oil used above. Then fry the Ingredients (B) for few seconds then immediately add in Ingredients (C), and fry till golden brown.

7. Then add in the Ingredients (D), then reduce the flame and fry it till fragrant and oily.

8. Then add in the marinated chicken, and increase the flame and cook it till, it is cooked.

9.Then add in the powdered Ingredients (E) and also Ingredients (F), and simmer it well.

10. Add in salt if its necessary.

11. Finish it off, with Ingredients (G), and stir it until it becomes dry.


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Chicken Vindaloo.