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Crab Curry

Crab lover's desire are being satisfied with this dish.


Serves 4 to 5


As necessary                        Cooking Oil


Ingredients (A)

teaspoon                           Fenugreek Seed

teaspoon                           Fennel Seed

1 sprig                                   Curry Leaves


Ingredients (B)

1 piece                                  Green Chilli (sliced)

50 grams                              Onion (finely sliced)


Ingredients (C)

8 tablespoons                      Fish Curry Powder

1cup                                    Water (mix with the powder above)

3 sprigs                               Pandan / Screw pine Leaves

2 teaspoons                        Garlic (paste)


Ingredients (D)

As necessary                      Salt

1 teaspoon                          Chicken Powder

1 tablespoon                       Tomatoes Sauce

As necessary                      Water


Ingredients (E)

1 kg                                     Flower Crab (big)

15 grams                             Tamarind Paste                             

100 ml                                 Thick Coconut Milk


1. Clean and wash the crabs and cut them into 4 pieces and drain it and leave it aside. 

2. Mix the tamarind paste in the Ingredient (E), with water and remove the seeds, then leave aside.

3. Heat the oil in a cooking pot.

4. Add in the, Ingredients (A), and fry till fragrant.

5. Then add in the Ingredients (B), and fry till light brown.

6. Then add in the Ingredients (C), then reduce the flame and fry it till fragrant and oily.

7. Then add in the Ingredients (D), and simmer it well.

8. If preferred add in extra tamarind juice and coconut milk according to your own preference.

9. Add in the Ingredients (E), then cover the pot and cook in a normal flame till cooked.

10.If preferred add in extra tamarind juice and coconut milk according to your own preference.

11. Add in salt and water if it’s necessary.



* If preferred, you can fry the vegetable and add it in with Ingredients (F).

* Sprig: means a single stem of a plant with leaves on it.

* Beware of the flame, different stoves have different degree of control.

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Crab Curry