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Unleavened Bread (Chappati)

Wheat bread made of unfermented dough, round in shape and paper-thin. It is so versatile, that it accompanies many Indian dishes. And it can also resemble a tortilla.


Serves (4 to 5)


Ingredients (A)

1 tablespoon                    Ghee

2 tablespoons                   Vegetable Oil

300ml                                Warm Milk

2 teaspoons                      Salt


Ingredients (B)

450 grams                        Wholemeal Flour (Atta)

100 grams                        Plain Flour


Ingredients (C)

As necessary                   Ghee or Butter



1. Mix all the Ingredients (A), together in a bowl and stir it till it dissolves.

2. Then add in the Ingredients (B), to it. Then make it into soft pliable dough.

3. Divide and shape it into 8 to 10 balls and leave it aside for 10 minutes. Cover with a wet cloth.

4. Roll out the dough into a round shape and required thickness on a lightly floured board.

5. Use a long, sharp stroke in a forward direction

6. Heat a heavy griddle, when it is very hot, place the chapati on the griddle.

7. Keep turning the chapati for even cooking, for few times.

8. Then press the chapati with a thick cloth at the uncooked area. 

9. When both side are ready, brush the top side lightly with Ingredients (C).

10. And serve.


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Unleavened Bread (Chapatti).